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Principles of Buddhism
Buddhism started in India 500 years before our era, more or less at the same time as Pythagore. It was first revealed by the words of a man of noble origin (the son of a King or a Rajah) who devoted his life to finding the remedy for all men’s hardships and tribulations, found it, and (...)
The life of the Supreme Buddha
According to the Buddhist calendar, which is still used in many countries, including Laos, Buddha’s birth goes back 543 years before J.C. Historians are unanimous as to the real existence of a man, Gautama (also called Siddhârta or Sakyamuni) who dedicated his life to the research for a (...)
The different paths of Buddhism
Laos is mainly Buddhist with a Theravada or small vehicle tendency (over 60% of the population). Buddhism, like Christianity, hides numerous splits and ruptures which date from the death of Buddha. One of the main controversies concerns intermediary existence : some people think that (...)
Buddhism at Luang Prabang
Buddhism, which is participated in, by most Laotians, gives a rhythm to their life as from first thing in the morning. Daytime, as we say here, starts in the evening with the preparation of sticky rice that will serve as a basis for the morning collections. This rice needs a long (...)
Rules to respect during the morning alms
The morning collection of the bonzes (in Lao : Tak bat) is an animated tradition for the population of Luang Prabang. It has become an important tourist attraction because of its beauty. However, when tourists don’t know the customs, their clumsiness can disrupt this ceremony. We would (...)
The legend of Buddha’s birth
His father, Suddhodona was the King of the Sakya clan (he was probably only Rajah, or landowner of the warrior class) having married Queen Maya, very wise and virtuous who stayed pure even during the beginning of her marriage. One day she had a dream : she saw, without feeling the (...)