Ô-Lam is certainly one of the most often prepared and the most traditional dishes of Luang Prabang, probably along with Tièo Bong and the Papaya Salad. It is recommended to prepare it a long time in advance and to let it rest before eating it. Preparation : 30 minutes Cooking Time : 30 (...)
Green papaya salad
This is THE Lao-Thai dish. Those with a tough palate, will really enjoy it : the dose of pimento which is normally used, is in the region of 20 pimentos per person. For security reasons, we have divided the doses by 20 so as not to assault our compatriots, who are not as accustomed to (...)
Tchéo Bong
Tchéo Bong is one of the most used "creamy sauces" in Luang Prabang. A typical speciality of the province, you will hardly ever find any, apart from in the old royal town. The Laos coming from other provinces, often take advantage of a stay in Luang Prabang to make large purchases of (...)
Laotian Sausage
Laotian Sausage (shown here in pork, but it also exists in spicy beef) is one of the most eaten specialities in Luang Prabang. Marriages, religious ceremonies, and other festivities normaly have a meal and include this sort of sausage, which is very much appreciated by Laotians and (...)
Mok Pa For
Speciality of Luang Prabang that is particularly appreciated by tourists being as its not spicy and only uses fish, vegetables and herbs. There are 2 forms of presentation : either individual (as shown on the left) or in larger ‘packets’ (then, the whole banana leaf is used, which is (...)