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The Hillside Lifestyle Resort
Our coup de coeur for this beautiful resort, a bit difficult to access (30 minutes by minivan to reach the place), but what marvellous when you get there! A simply relaxing atmosphere in a completely natural environment, with views of a green (...)
Luxury day cruise on the Mekong
An unique moment on the Mekong, with the most privatized luxury boat in Luang Prabang. Includes 1 spaced living-room, 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 little kitchen, 1 hot shower, and a full crew of professionals for a full luxury service. Managed and (...)
3d/2n : Night Safari in Nam Nern
To know beforehand: - * Up to 10 people. - * Happens in a protected park dedicated to the conservation of species threatened with extinction, including the tiger. - * Terms of rudimentary accommodation for 2 nights (1 night in a modest (...)
Mekong sunset & diner
Dining on the mighty Mekong is to being in Luang Prabang what walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is to being in New York. Essential. To ensure you don't 'miss the boat', we've launched the Nava Mekong, the foremost regular dinner cruise (...)
A day on the Mekong River
We highly suggest this special journey that takes place around the Mekong, in the area of Luang Prabang. This river, called "the impetuous" by the Chinese, is called "the mother's rivers". Here, the Mekong River is quiet and calm, she is the (...)
A morning in the ricefield
Some people like to watch, some people want to understand, and some enjoy to try and to participate. In this special place, you can see how rice is grown on a 100% organic farm cultivating many vegetables you can taste. You are also invited to (...)