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Training courses

Cooking classes
Luang Prabang is definitely the gastronomic capital of Laos. Historically, the town has always been rich in the arts, especially table arts. The best cooks were hired by the King. This created a legacy that has endured. All visitors that stop at Luang Prabang must savour the typical (...)
Weaving & Dyeing classes
Located 5km from the center town, Ock Pop Tock (litterally "West meets East") is a production center that provides courses, guesthouse, food, with one of the best shops of Luang Prabang. Visit the website : Traditionally textiles are made by women, the preparation of (...)
Traditional dance classes
For 2h30, listen to some traditional Lao music, and learn how to dance on the most emblematic dances of Lao counrty : -* Lamvong -* Kab Toum (Luang Prabang dance) -* Champa dance -* Nang Keo, or Ravanna, or Hanuman After the the tradititional dance class, the student will receive the. (...)
A morning in the ricefield
Some people like to watch, some people want to understand, and some enjoy to try and to participate. In this special place, you can see how rice is grown on a 100% organic farm cultivating many vegetables you can taste. You are also invited to also experience the life of a farmer and (...)