We propose city tour, and full journeys

In recent years, people enjoy city tours by bike. A small town like Luang Prabang, with not a lot of cars, is a perfect place to enjoy this way to discover the center. Even during the hottest season (April-September), it’s great to explore by bike the city.

We can also opt for a longer ride, a day or even a few days. To these more sportive travelers, beware: not really because Laos is dangerous (it is certainly one of the safetiest countries in the world) but because North Laos is very mountainous, very hard, which certainly requires a high level of fitness.

No problem ... Bo pen niang!

Laos is THE country for quiet cycling. No traffic, just couple of buses from time to time, a few truckloads of Chinese equipment, no more. Roads are in pretty good shape compared to what we could expect from a country that is among the poorest. The main roads are in almost perfect condition, so are the small dirt roads (except during the rainy season).

renting bikes?

We can easily rent mountain bikes for a reasonable price ranging (5 to 10 USD per day). We highly recommend to be assisted by a professional guide for more enjoy contact with people sincerely warm but not speaking neither French nor English.


Sleep in the villages are no problem. The village head will usually be happy to welcome you home. Then offer the meal (or Beerlao) is often not expected but certainly very welcome ... For campers, if there is really no alternative, you can always ask nicely at the venerable pagoda.


There is a priori no danger, or to move or sleep in the most remote places. Attention, however, bicycle theft is increasing in recent years, it will therefore always be sure to attach your bike to a solid location.

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