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Visiting the markets

The night market
The night market, in the centre of town, "opens its doors" every evening at round about 5 o'clock. This market was only supposed to last for a few weeks. It opened in December 2002, on the Occidental Christmas Eve; a few Hmongs and other (...)
The Caterer’s Evening Market
This is a site which must not be missed if you want to taste Laotian specialities, which you very often can’t find even in restaurants. The Lao's come here regularly to buy their food (probably from laziness, so as not to cook ...) along with (...)
The Phosy Market
The Phosi market is by far the biggest market in Luang Prabang. Three quarters of it is covered, there are several hundred merchants of all kinds proposing a large variety of products. You can find there vegetable gardeners as well as small (...)
The Darat Market
Closed for 3 years because of renovations, the Darat Market reopened its doors at the beginning of January 2008. It used to be a squalid but very animated souk and is now a rather deserted shopping mall in the centre of town. A sort of dirty (...)
The morning market
This small market is the Laotian "supermarket" where they come to buy their fruit, vegetables and meat, which are proposed in showcases which are not always very hygienic. Very active as from 8 o'clock in the morning, its a typical passing spot (...)
The Hmong Day Market
A few years ago, working in one of the villages around Luang Prabang, half a dozen Hmongs started selling their goods directly, on a square that had so far been unoccupied. Many people came to buy this authentic craftsmanship and embroidery sold (...)
The Chinese market
It is situated on Laos’s main road that leads to Vientiane, opposite the new sports stadium. On an area of over several thousand square metres, there are many Chinese (that often don’t speak Laotian...) gathered to sell products from China, with (...)