Vipassana Retreat sessions

3 temples proposing 12-day retreats

In Luang Prabang, three temples are affiliated with the temples of the forest. The discipline is mostly based on the relatively intense practice of meditation, and in particular walking meditation, a specificity of Vipassana meditation.

The 3 temples are Wat Phou Khway temple, Vat Phon Phao temple, and the big center of Pha Ho about ten kilometers north of the city, not far from the central prison...

Vipassana meditation is particularly lively in Luang Prabang where many venerable monks and young monks are walking, focusing on each of their steps, and more specifically on the 5 movements that allow a step to be accomplished.

If you wish to participate in one of these 12-day sessions, plan to inquire in advance to proceed.

The retreat is free, donations are accepted.


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