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History of Luang Prabang

Phra Bang
The Phra Bang (also written Phrabang, and which literally means "delicate Buddha") is the mystical national emblem of this country. It is a statue 83cm high, covered in gold leaf. According to the legend, this statue was made in Sri Lanka (...)
Before the creation of Laos
Legend has it that during a trip, King Chanthaphanith saw a hill, whose form reminded him of a huge grain of rice. Beside this hill, there was a magnificent Royal Poinciana (otherwise known as a Flamboyant) covered with bright red flowers, so he (...)
Fa Ngum and the birth of Laos
It was during the 14th century, that the prince, Fa Ngum, who came from Xieng Dong-Xieng Thong, tried to unify Laos. Fa Ngum, The Conqueror The last born of a family of 4 children, he was banished by his father when he was very young because of (...)
Fa Ngum, the legend
Fa Ngum is considered by Laotians as being the founder of Laos and the first person to recognise the word of Buddha for the whole country, (the equivalent of our William the Conqueror) as well as the person who gave the country its historical (...)
Vientiane, capital of the realm
The Capital Vientiane It was in 1520 that Photithisarat decided to transfer the political and administrative centres of the realm to Wieng Chan (Vientiane), because he was worried about the possibility of an invasion from Burma. 25 years later, (...)
From a protectorate till today
The era of French Protectorate During this period, the French reconstructed Vientiane, supplying facilities, roads and universities. They also enlarged the realm of Louang Prabang by integrating the Provinces of the North and the ancient state (...)