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Pimay - The Lao New Year
The 5th Lunar month of the Buddhist calendar is in April, when there are the New Year festivities, during which, there is the water festival. This lasts 3 days, the last day of the year, the neutral day, and the first day of the next year. (...)
Elephant procession
This parade took place on the morning of the 2nd of March 2008, but there is a procession like this one every year on the occasion of the celebration of the anniversary of Luang Prabang's inscription on the World heritage list. Some domestic (...)
Traditional Lao marriage
Lao marriages take place over a period of 2 days. The evening before the ceremony, the bonzes come to bless the future house of the married couple. Later there will be a communal “stag and doe” party for the future spouses. Family and friends will (...)
Death. Even though it is painful, it is also looked on as a deliverance by Buddhist religion; which leads to reincarnation or Nirvana (the end of the reincarnation cycle.) For several days, the coffin stays in the middle of the main room of the (...)
The village celebration
Each year in June, on different dates for each "village" (we could even say each district of Luang Prabang), village celebrations gather together all the inhabitants. The tradition calls for the bonzes to hold a white thread all around the (...)
Pirogue racings finals
The day before the end of the Buddhist lent begins the 2-day final boat races of the province. First day, in Ban Xieng Mene (crossing the Mekong River in Luang Prabang with the ferry), female final. Second day (Ock Phansa day), in Ban Xieng (...)
30 years of Communism in Laos
In 2005, Laos celebrated the 30 year anniversary of the destitution of the King, the 17th of August 1975, and the arrival of the communist government on the 2nd of December, their National Day. For these two reasons, celebrations were prepared, (...)
Muang Ngoy and the area
Approximately 90 miles North of Luang Prabang, the village of Mouang Ngoi is one of the most beautiful areas in Laos. Hidden on a plain beside the river Nam Ou, which is one of the rivers which have the most fish, there are approximately 1000 (...)