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Muang Ngoy and the area

Approximately 90 miles North of Luang Prabang, the village of Mouang Ngoi is one of the most beautiful areas in Laos. Hidden on a plain beside the river Nam Ou, which is one of the rivers which have the most fish, there are approximately 1000 inhabitants which make it one of the largest villages in the region. Accessible only by river, Mouang Ngoi is very much appreciated by visitors looking for tranquillity, serenity and peace.

They have lived autonomously for more than 30 years and after opening up to tourists at the beginning of the years 2000, the village developed very quickly. Guesthouses opened, restaurants grew up all over the place. You can even find a massage salon and some "trecking agencies". The region is worth the physical effort to reach the summits that give incredible views.

Rice field around Luang Prabang

The villge of Ban Atsapeui, 1h by boat from Muang Ngoy

View from Muang Ngoy, Northern Laos

A young Kamu boy in a village close to Luang Prabang

Inhabitants of villages around Luang Prabang

A village in Northern Laos, 3h from Luang Prabang

View from Muang Ngoy, on the Nam Ou River

Muang Ngoy village, from Nong Khiaw by boat

Muang Ngoy village and area, 3h from Luang Prabang