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1-day Buddhist way in Laos

Morning alms, visits of the msot emblematic pagoda of Luang Prabang, visit the sacred caves of Pak Ou, followed by a talk with a venerable

Introduction to the practice of Buddhism in Luang Prabang, one of the world centre of Theravada path. Buddhism was introduced in XIVe century with the birth of Laos by Chao Fa Ngum, 1st king of the Kingdom of the million elephants and the white umbrella. Coming from the Angkor, monks were then building the first temples, in Luang Prabang first before Vientiane (but so long after Champassak).

1 day discovering local history religion, beliefs, ritual, tradition, discipline, and practice

  • Just before sunset, your guide will be meeting you
    at your hotel for an introduction to the daily ritual of morning alms.
  • Walk or transfer to a nice place in a crossroad of 3 temples
    Assist and participate to the morning alms, acquire "boon" (reward)
  • Walk or transfer to the morning market
    Discover all that can locally be eaten, coming from the jungle around. You might be surprised.... ;-)
  • Back to hotel for breakfast
    After breakfast, starting the visit of the emblematic pagodas of Luang Prabang
  • Visit the Wat Xieng Thong temple
    The architectural archetype of the Luang Prabang religious style
  • Visit Phon Phao temple
    Unique by its architecture, singular by the number of lay women, famous to be one of the Vipassana retreat place in Laos, open to foreigner
  • Transfer to the village of Pak Ou
    40min by road up north, where the Nam Ou River meets the Nam Kong (Mekong) River
  • Visit the sacred caves with hundreds of Buddha representations
    In stone, in wood, sometimes coated with golden leaves
  • Lunch in a local famous restaurant located in the opposite bank of the Mekong, with view on the caves
    Back to Luang Prabang (option: a boat will be awaiting you to navigate downstream until the centre-town).
  • Prepare donation
    before meeting the monk, you will buy a basket gift, or close an envelop with money for temple’s bills.
  • Meet the venerable
    For a 1-2 hour of conversation. Your guide, who was a monk at least once in his life, will be pleased be the link between the master and you.

End of the tour

Pick-up time at your hotel: 5:30am
End of the journey: before 5:00pm


- Minivan (a/c), privatized, with chauffeur
- English speaking guide
- Lunch in a local restaurant in front of the sacred caves
- Traditional scarf for each participant (loan)
- 1 kilo of sticky rice in basket
- Entrance fee to all paying sites
- 10 USD of donation for the venerable
- 2 refreshing towels
- 2 mineral bottles

Tariff for a group of 4 persons*

Total: 296 USD (74 USD / person), include 10 USD donation / person

* Tariffs with English Speaking Guide (for other speaking languages, please contact us).


- Privatized local boat to cruise the Mekong downstream (1h30 navigation)

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