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Downloading of Lao fonts

We share couple of fonts... share yours, send to us

Here are 24 fonts that can be downloaded so as to start getting used to Laotian writing. To be able to use these characters without a special keyboard, you can download the picture that has been prepared to relate between the English keyboard (QWERTY) and Laotian letters. You must make sure you change from AZERTY to QWERTY, before starting to try and write in Lao, so as to change the language of the keyboard.

At last a Lao keyboard exists. Unfortunately its only available with a PS2 connection (not yet USB).

Lao keyboard

To install new fonts

- Click on one of the fonts and ’save’ on the computer
- On the computer, click on the "Start" menu and then go to the "Control Panel"
- Click on "Fonts"
- In the "File" menu, click on the heading "Install new fonts"
- Find the place where you registered the font that you downloaded, then install.

To download the file containing 228 fonts, click here (5Mo).

Finally, note that there exists software, which is only available for PC’s, which enables you to write Lao : LaoScript, incorporating numerous characters.