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The Lao language

The Lao alphabet
The Lao alphabet uses a calligraphy derived from that of India and very near to the Thai alphabet (we can find in these two languages, similar groups of consonants and vowels, having almost the same pronunciation.) Consonants There exists 34 consonants in the Lao language divided into (...)
Example of Lao words
The transcript given below is imperfect, and only to approach reality: certain consonants or vowels do not exist in the language of Sheakspeare ... it will be advisable to assist with his hands to be understood Laos;-) H located after the consonants express an aspiration of the (...)
Downloading of Lao fonts
Here are 228 fonts that can be downloaded so as to start getting used to Laotian writing. To be able to use these characters without a special keyboard, you can download the picture that has been prepared to relate between the English keyboard (QWERTY) and Laotian letters. If you use (...)
Lao english dictionnary
Here are some links to help you learning, improving or only by curiosity to see what it is. Special "massive" to Karin who lived long time in Laos, and made this her dictionary. I hope she agree about sharing (otherwise please advise). Format : Excel (.xls) The Lao language is a (...)
Examples of pronunciation
The first difficulty is due to the tonalities (to the 6 tonal accents which each evolve differently, according to the consonant on which the tonal accent is placed). The other difficulty is with specific Lao sounds for which there is no literal transcription in our language. It is (...)