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1 day excursions

1-day journey at Kuang Si Waterfalls
Here is a proposal for a 1 day journey around one of the jewels of Luang Prabang, the waterfalls of [Kuang Si> 51] (or Kuang Xi). Located 30 kilometers from the city center, we access to the little paradise by a widding road through jungle and (...)
1-day journey with a tour guide
Would like to more understand Luang Prabang, to benefit the assistance of a tour guide? Want to book it now for tomorrow ? We propose you to visit Luang Prabang town with a professional guide and a range of transportation to fit to your need. (...)
1-day city tour
One day journey to visit the main highlights of Luang Prabang center-town. Discover the specificity of this unique town, probably the most beautiful and preserved in South-East Asia. Explore the markets, learn about the typical local (...)
1-day handicraft journey
Luang Prabang is the capital of arts, and a center for handicraft. Textiles are one of these very important and specific products, made with cotton and silk as Laos stays one of the countries where natural silk is ordinary and affordable. You (...)
1-day gastronomic journey
Luang Prabang is probably the center of the gastronomic art in Laos, because of its royal past and also because of the numerous influences from the dozen of ethnics, and the neighborhood countries. Visit the main markets of the city, be (...)