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Elephant experience

1 hour tour in the jungle
Would you like to experience a 1 hour or 1h and a half trekking on the back of an elephant? It's possible around Luang Prabang, in many places. Organized with private companies or with local elephant owners, we can organize for you a little trip (...)
2d/1n : Camping with elephants
Spend 2 days in the company of elephants and their mahout, assisted by a young English-speaking guide who has devoted his life to elephants for years. It is an exceptional, unique and exclusive experience that we propose, a kind of back to the (...)
Mahout experience
Mahout means the elephant driver, keeper, or handler. He usually starts his career very young, at about ten years old. The mahout is usually given an elephant to look after and care for the rest of the elephant's life. They are a kind of couple, (...)
The elephant conservation center
The Elephant Conservation Center hosts Laos' first hospital dedicated to elephants that are victims of logging accidents or affected by diseases. Located in Sayabouly (3 hours by road from Luang Prabang) the center is staffed with an (...)