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Give blood, save lifes
Laos is a country that is sorely lacking in overall hospital, if not qualified and experienced doctors, if not financial resources, if not material. The red cross of Luang Prabang has set up a blood center with good standards. if you are able to (...)
Formalities for entering the country
Formalities for entering the country used to be long, difficult, expensive and restrictive. They’ve become much more flexible these last few years. The administration has made a great effort, but they are still influenced by a French past which (...)
Links about Laos
A certain number of sites must inevitably serve as references to our readers. They can bring a certain amount of complementary information to the commercial guidebooks. They can also serve as a relay for questions that everybody ask themselves (...)
Books about Laos
This section need to be updated in its English version. Indeed, if you have good references, do not hesitate to share. Send an email on the Contact section. Les guides touristiques - Culture Shock (in English) Documentaries - Denise Heywood : (...)
Exchange Money
Thank you to for its application. We can so propose you this tool to change from or to Lao Kip. The website will propose you more than 85 currencies from the most used in the world.
Want to come?
The city of Luang Prabang was quite difficult to reach until the 90's. Now, nationaly and internationaly connected, Luang Prabang became a possible destination for holidays and adventure. Note that the regional transport are relatively expensive (...)
Who are we?
Lonely Tours - Siphone Starting early 2016, Lonely Tours is the company created by Siphone, after 10 years in the travel agency local industry. Lonely Tours provides Tours all around Laos, for individual and with group, managing all sort of (...)
Contact us
You can contact us with general sales enquiries to ask information, to book one of services/tours, to request more details on activities, quotation, customized tours. We highly suggest using Skype. If you are willing to, please send us your (...)