Links about Laos

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A certain number of sites must inevitably serve as references to our readers. They can bring a certain amount of complementary information to the commercial guidebooks. They can also serve as a relay for questions that everybody ask themselves before leaving on a trip.


English - Lao / Lao - English
- Online Lao-English dictionnary (Lao characters)
- Interactive Lao Language Learning
- Lao Language Courses

French - Lao / Lao - French
- Dictionnaire Franco-Lao en ligne (caractères Lao)
- Dictionnaire français-laotien par Guy Cheminaud (1906) (caractères latins) (PDF)

Very Official Sites

- Chinese Consulate in Luang Prabang - Ban PhongKham Village, Tel: +856-71-252-439
- Vietnamese Consulate in Luang Prabang - That BoSot Village, Tel: +856-71-254-748

- US Embassy in Laos
- Lao Embassy in France
- French Foreign Affairs
- French Embassy in Laos
- The National Tourism Authority of the Mekong
- Mekong Private Sector Development Facility
- Tariff and duty rates
- Southern Laos official tourism office website

Airline companies servicing Luang Prabang

- Lao Airlines
- Lao Sky Way
- Thai Airways
- Vietnam Airlines
- Bangkok Airways
- Air Asia

ONG intervening in Laos

- Directory of NGO in Lao PDR
- French NGO in Laos
- MES : Music for Everyone School. Gives motivated people the instruments they need to study and help themselves.
- Big Brother Mouse. Publishes Lao books, and promote literacy in the Lao PDR by distributing fun educational books.

Information sites about Laos

- Lao country by Wikipedia
- 5 day weather in Luang Prabang
- Ecotourim in Laos
- Economy, global numbers (USA vs Laos)
- Substainable Tourism Development Project in LAO PDR
- Le rénovateur, Official newspaper (FR)
- KPL, Lao News Agency
- Vientiane Times
- Mekong Center (Tourism information)
- Job Today in Laos
- Pavie, the Barefoot Explorer

Professionnal sites about Luang Prabang

- Back Street (things to do in Luang Prabang)
- Photographers Direct, photos sur Luang Prabang
- Terragalleria, photo galery of Luang Prabang
- Photos from Laos and other information
- Seven Orients : Culture and Services
- Classified Adds
- Photos of Laos (start a search with keywords like Laos, Luang Prabang...)
- Lao Culture Media (Photos & Videos)

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