A village between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang

This small village of Pakbeng lies half-way between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang, perched high on the banks of the Mekong river, in a preserved surrounding, close to the international Thai border connecting Nan.

Travellers might need to stop one night if they navigate with the slow boat from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang (or vice-versa), but they usually don’t stay more than 1 night, even if there are couple of (hidden) curiosities around: non-touristic ethnic villages, primary forest with huge multi-century old rare essence of trees.

Pakeng is also a crossroad from Northern-Laos (Oudomxay, and further China), and Central Laos (Sayaboury and Vientiane).


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