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From July to February

About 12 miles from Luang Prabang, going south to Vientiane. The Tadsae waterfall (pronounced Tatsay) is only really interesting to see during the rain season, or during the few weeks following this period; as it has a very unequal flow, which is sometimes even non-existant, for the rest of the year.

Not visited as much by tourists as other places, there are a lot of young Laotians who (as you can see in the photo) bathe fully clothed in the summer. They bathe fully clothed so as to avoid any problems with suggestive underwear.

The waterfall, even though it is not in such a splendid setting as the one at Kouangsi, has more going for it in the way of amusements, offering numerous pools in ‘stairs’. There are many uses made of this waterfall, including “hydro massaging of the back”, the surroundings are perfect for this.

You must pay en entrance fee after having taken a small motor-boat to pass the Nam Khan river (tributary of the Mekong) . A small restaurant has what you need to eat. Sometimes snack bars sprout up here and there during the rain season, when there are more people, proposing typical Laotian dishes (green papaya salad, sticky rice, barbecued meat …)

For couple of years, Tad sea became a little "elephant center" where you can meet and see elephants. Tours are available, from travel agencies, tour companies, or even local people

My advice : to be visited if the season is right (the best time is in Summer and Autumn). There are those that choose quietness and who will arrive before the sun’s zenith; and those who prefer to be there with the crowds of Laotians who come with their families to have a good drink on their Sundays out, whilst the youngsters throw themselves happily into the deepest "baths"..

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