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A few years ago, working in one of the villages around Luang Prabang, half a dozen Hmongs started selling their goods directly, on a square that had so far been unoccupied. Many people came to buy this authentic craftsmanship and embroidery sold by Hmongs who were very often dressed in traditional clothes ...

After a few years, this small meeting point became a covered market, which counted about a hundred stalls (covered by a few pieces of bamboo and motley pieces of cloth to protect people from the sun’s rays.)

Its central situation (opposite the New Luang Prabang Hotel) make it a ‘must see’ for all the tourists. The choice, prices which can be bartered and the smiles that you can find there make it a very pleasant place. Many of the stalls that are there during the day are still there when night falls, so that they can propose their products on the night market as well. Being as these products are all made according to tradition, they all look very similar.

Following the success of these markets with the tourists, Heritage House decided to supply sanitary conveniences, whose construction was started in 2003.

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