Vibes in Luang Prabang

Sounds records in Luang Prabang

We see the pictures, we would like to have the smells, but we often forget the sounds. Working TAEC (Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre), Marie-Pierre Lissoir offers an approach by ear.

The approach is quite unusual. Close your eyes, and let the imagination do ... here is a variegated sound tracks dedicated to Luang Prabang:
- * [Atmosphere of sunset over the Mekong>]
- * Songs and mantras of a Buddhist temple in the late afternoon (click here to listen) ,
- * The sounds that occur during a walk around the TAEC (when?)
- * [The song of red-Bulbul bird>]
- * Or that his lancinant calling the listener to discover the source (a loom ...?)

Meanwhile other productions ...

* Fields to be fulfill