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UNESCO site since 1995, Luang Prabang is the historic and spiritual centre of Laos. All around, this is the Lao country, so diverse, so preserved, so attached to their tradition and handicraft

Map of activities in Laos {JPEG}Laos, a small and picturesque landlocked country, made of 80% of mountains, with many ethnic groups and traditional arts still very present in everyday life; an easy country where to travel safely.

Laos is a small and picturesque country of 7 million inhabitants surrounded by great dragons. In contrast to its powerful neighbours, Laos remains very little exploited, probably because of geological formations (80% of mountains) but also because of its 20 year isolation from the international scene & commerce.

After a significant opening to the world in 1995, Laos has developed economically and in its infrastructure, including hotels and soon rail. Politically, Laos is one of the last communist republics in the world, and one of the last countries to enjoy complete security, wherever you go and in any circumstance. Laos is a destination that can be recommended to families.

Laos is mostly inhabited by ethnic villages, spiritually attached to a Theravada Buddhism and the cult of the spirits of nature and ancestors. People show a lot of sweetness, pacifism, and an incredible respect and tolerance for everything different. In many aspects, Laos is a country of singularities where opposites can co-exist.

The assistance of a local translator and transportation at reasonable prices can help you to meet a culture that is easy to touch but difficult to grasp.

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