Example of Lao words

Example of usual words

The transcript given below is imperfect, and only to approach reality: certain consonants or vowels do not exist in the language of Sheakspeare ... it will be advisable to assist with his hands to be understood Laos;-)

H located after the consonants express an aspiration of the consonant. Kh, Th, Ph, etc.. fall into this same rule in this dictionary. Only Ch has a pronunciation "sh" or almost ;-)

- Good morning, afternoon, evening : Sabaïdee
- Bonjour ou Bonsoir : Sabaïdi
Sabaidee in lao language

- How are you ? How do you do ? Tjao sabaidee bo ?
- Comment allez-vous ? Comment vas-tu ? Tchao sabaïdi bau ?
An example of lao script: How are you?

- I’m fine, thanks : Khoj sabaidee, khop chai
- Ca va, merci : Khoy sabaïdi, khop tchaï.
An example of lao script: I'm fine, thank you

- I’m very glad to meet you : Khoj deetjai lai thi dai phop chau
- Enchanté de vous rencontrer : Khoy ditchaï laï thidaï phop tchao
An example of lao script : nice to meet you

- you’re welcome : Gnindi ton hab than
- Vous êtes le(la) bienvenu(e) : Gninedi taune hap thane
An example of lao script : nice to meet you

- Good bye : La kon
- Au revoir : La conne
An example of lao script : see you

- See you : laew phop kan mai
- A bientôt : Lèo phop kane maille
See you in lao language

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