Lao english dictionnary

Some link and a Excel dictionnary

Here are some links to help you learning, improving or only by curiosity to see what it is. Special "massive" to Karin who lived long time in Laos, and made this her dictionary. I hope she agree about sharing (otherwise please advise). Format : Excel (.xls)

Lao Dictonary - base

The Lao language is a reflection of the country, a language without fresh angle. We can realize from its musicality as well as its alphabet.

In English:
- Online Lao-English dictionnary (Lao characters)
- Interactive Lao Language Learning
- Lao Language Courses

In French:
- Dictionnaire Franco-Lao en ligne (caractères Lao)
- Dictionnaire français-laotien par Guy Cheminaud (1906) (caractères latins) (PDF)

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