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Kuang Xi waterfalls

Situated at about twenty miles from Luang Prabang, this is a large waterfall and can be reached by Touktouk (taxi) or minivan in under an hour.

The scenery leading to Kuang Si is magnificent. You will find all the tints of green imaginable, open spaces where there is nothing but a few bamboo houses standing in the middle of rice fields and a few buffalo here and there. We cross a few Lao Loum and Lao Soung villages whose traditional houses ; made from wood, bamboo and plaited bamboo are all along the side of the road.

The waterfall is really a beautiful place, vegetation is stunning, the view from the top is amazing. Swimming areas here and there. Pure roc filter mineral water might be fresh and invigorating. Bring the towel.

In automn, especially in October, the water flows dramatically, the spectacle is magnificent. It’s also time to enjoy the boat racings all around, and eventually the festival of lights…

Kuang Xi waterfalls, 30km from Luang Prabang

In these peaceful surroundings, you can go and look around the mini-zoo, where black bears are kept. The bears all have their own little story which is told in the Bear Lao website. Not to be mistaken for Beerlao website ;-)

Entrance fee to the park : less than 5 USD
Couple of little barbecue restaurants there at reasonnable price.

To go there :
- by tuktuk, from 20 to 30 USD,
- by private minivan with driver : 50 to 80 USD
- by rental 4x4 for a day : 100+ USD

My advise : bring a small icebox.