Phone Praseuth Guesthouse

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Amantaka Resort
Amantaka derives its name from the word aman, the Sanskrit word for ‘peace’, and from Tipitaka, (...)
Indigo House Hotel
Ancient Luang Prabang Phonheuang
Arissara House
Villa Ban Lakkham
Ban Pack Luck Villa
Belle Rive Boutique Hotel
Bougnasouk Guesthouse
Boun Cha Leurn Guest House
Boupha Guesthouse
Chanthavinh Resort and Spa
Cold River Guesthouse
The Grand Luang Prabang Hotel & Resort
Grand Luang Prabang hotel and resort is situated on grounds of the Xiengkeo Palace which (...)
Halolao Backpackers
Haysoke Hotel
Heritage Guest House
Hotel Au Fil Du Mekong
Hotel de Lyon by MyLaoHome
Huan Lao Residence
Jade Hotel by MyLaoHome
Jaliya Guesthouse
Kamu Lodge Hotel
Keopathoum Guesthouse
Khoum Xieng Thong Guest House
Khoun and Khone Guesthouse
Khounsavan Guesthouse
La Maison de Xanamkieng
La Residence Phou Vao Hotel
Lao Spirit Resort
Le Bel Air Boutique Resort
Le Palais Juliana Hotel
Le Parasol Blanc
Levady Guesthouse
LJB Aham Hotel
LJB Xiengthong Hotel
Luang Prabang Bakery & Guest House
Luang Prabang Paradise Resort
Luang Prabang Residence
Maison Dalabua
Maison Souvannaphoum Hotel
Mala Guesthouse
Malida Guesthouse
Manoluck Hotel
Mekong Riverview Hotel
Muang Thong Hotel
Na Viengkham Hotel
Nam Sok Guesthouse
New Daraphet Villa by MyLaoHome
Nok Noy Guesthouse
Ouis Guesthouse
Paphai Guest House
Pathoumphone Guesthouse
Phashoke Guesthouse
Rama Hotel
Ramayana Boutique Hotel
The Ramayana Boutique Hotel and Spa is a new leisure development, since October 2007 it has (...)
Rattana Guesthouse
Riverside Guesthouse
Sabaidee Guesthouse
Sackarinh Guest House
Sanakeo Hotel
Satri House Hotel
Saynamkhan River View
Sayo Guesthouse Xieng Mouane
Sokdee Guest House
Sokdee Residence
Somjith Guesthouse
Sopha House
Hillside Lifestyle Lodge Luang Prabang
Spicylaos Backpackers
Suan Keo Guesthouse
Tanoy Guesthouse
Thanaboun Guesthouse
Thatsaphone Villa
The Apsara
The first and still one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in Luang Prabang, the Apsara was (...)
Burasari Heritage Luang Prabang
The Chang Inn Hotel
The Luang Say Residence
The View Pavilion Hotel
Thongbay Guesthouse
Vang Ngern River Resort
Vangsavath Hotel
Villa Ban Lao
Villa Champa
Villa Chitdara
Villa Deux Rivières
Villa Laodeum
Villa Lao Wooden house
Villa Luang Sokxay
Villa Maly
In the heart of Asia’s “best preserved city,” there is Villa Maly. A residence. An oasis. A (...)
Villa Maydou Boutique Hotel
Villa Maydou is located in front of Vat Meuna, near the Nam Khan river old bridge in the (...)
Villa Merry Lao-Swiss
Villa Merry No.1
Villa Merry No.2
Villa Nagara
Villa Namnuea Hotel
Villa Phathana
Villa Pumalin
Villa Santi Hotel
Villa Santi Hotel In the historic quarter of Luang Prabang, a century old royal mansion has (...)
Villa Santi Resort & Spa
Santi Resort & Spa Mountains in the horizon, never ending rice fields at your doorstep, (...)
Villa Saykham
Villa Saynam Residence service
Villa Senesouk Hotel
Villa Senesouk is a classy and comfortable family-run guesthouse offering a high quality of (...)
Villa Sayada
Villa Soksai 1
Villa Soksai 2
Villa Somphong
Visoun Namsok Hotel
Wat That Guest House
Xieng Mouane Guest House
Zen Namkhan Boutique Resort
Tha Heua Me Guest House
Sofitel Luang Prabang
This luxury Mansion was built in the 1900s for the French Governor’s family, which reflects (...)
Xieng Thong Palace
The last residence of the Royalty of Laos ; the XIENGTHONG PALACE, now a unique hotel is (...)
My dream Resort
My Dream Boutique Resort is situated on a beautifully spacious garden property that extends all (...)
Khammany Inn II Hotel
Mekong Holiday Villa
Villa Meuang Lao
Sayo Naga Guesthouse
Ammata guest house
Saysamphanh Hotel
Muonglao Riverside
Phetmongkhoun Guest House
Philaylack Villa 1
Sayo River
Mano Guest House
Villa Merry No.3
Villa Chitchareune
Pangkham Lodge
Lan Kham Guest House
Muonglao Guesthouse
A Tee Guesthouse
Villa Lakangthong
Kin Champy Guest House
Phousi Guesthouse
Aussie Sports Bar and Guesthouse
B & B Guest House
Lao Lu Lodge
Sokxai Guesthouse
Luang Prabang River Lodge
Sokphankham Hotel
Golden Lotus Guest House
Vangthong Hotel
Bualuang Hotel
Thida Guesthouse
Xangkham Resort
Vangphaikham Hotel
Philaylack Guesthouse 2
Villa Suan Maak
Phounsab Guesthouse
Halolao Home-Stay
Inthasak Guesthouse
Mekong Moon Inn
Villa Aphay Guest House
Luang Prabang Oasis Hotel
Packluck Villa
Halolao Villa
Souknirun Guesthouse
Sieng Khaen Lao Guesthouse
Ang Thong Hotel
Vanvisa Guesthouse
Rim Vang Guesthouse
Viengsavanh Villa 2 Luang Prabang
Ock Pop Tok Mekong Villa
Rattanakone Guest House
Mekong Charm Guesthouse
Nam Ou Riverside Resort
Namavong Guesthouse
Phasith Guesthouse
Villa Muang Swa Guest House
Hoxieng Guesthouse 1
Hoxieng Guesthouse 2
Vanvisa at the Kuang Si waterfalls
Meunna Backpackers Hostel
Kiridara Hotel
Our 24 room boutique hotel scaled on a hillside and surrounded by native teak forests, offers (...)
The Apsara Rive droite
Connected to the town centre by our own boat, the Apsarian Queen, it’s easy to get right into (...)
Xayana Guesthouse
Vongprachan Guest House
Viengkhammoungkhoun Guesthouse
Chitchareune Mouang Luang Hotel
Hongkham1 Guesthouse
Luang Prabang View Resort
Bellevue Bungalow
Villa Le Tam Tam
Xangkham Hotel
Luang Prabang River Lodge 2
Sunway Hotel
Symoungkoun Guesthouse
Maniphone Guest House
Daofa Hotel
Chitlatda2 Guesthouse
Mahout Lodge
Mojo Guesthouse
Indala Guest House
Villa Thony 1 House 1
Khammany Inn Hotel
Liberty Guest House
Salakphet Guesthouse
Nittaya Guesthouse
Luang Prabang Inn
Sanctuary Luang Prabang Hotel
3 Nagas
3 Nagas is a charming boutique hotel located in the center of Luang Prabang’s UNESCO World (...)

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