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From 5pm, and often finishes before 9.30pm

This is a site which must not be missed if you want to taste Laotian specialities, which you very often can’t find even in restaurants. The Lao’s come here regularly to buy their food (probably from laziness, so as not to cook ...) along with tourists who will find it typical, animated and very pleasant.

Numerous stalls, very often held by women, propose a large choice of prepared dishes, hot and cold, so that curious visitors can try out the local food, which he is not likely to find, even in typical restaurants. There are many interesting and exotic specialities in Luang Prabang. Hygiene is uncertain and may very well put travellers off trying (mind you, there are never any illnesses, even with the tourists ...), it would be such a shame, not to let yourself be tempted and to pass by one of the best cookery in Asia :

  • dried alga (Khao Pheng)
  • slivers of caramelised pork (Ping Som Mou)
  • pieces of dried and perfumed beef (Sinsavanh)
  • noodle soups (traditional "Feuh", "Khao Soy" or Khao Piak)
  • meat or vegetable brochettes
  • small coconut waffles
  • etc.

The area is quite badly lit, sometimes the smells from the barbecues are a bit strong, but it is still very typical, happy and so unusual that it is a ‘MUST’ to go round the market, which is mainly patronised by Laotians.

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