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The French Institute of Luang Prabang is active in both the linguistic and the cultural fields. It offers 3 sessions of 50 hours classes in French and Lao, in group or private, for children, teenagers and adults. Its multimedia library proposes access to books, magazines and computers. The Institute also offers cultural events, painting or photo exhibitions, conferences, shows and children cinema.

The institut Français in Laos :

The Institut français in Laos is the only cultural cooperation institution belonging to an embassy in Laos. Created in 1993 as a linguistic service within the embassy, it was inaugurated by Jacques Chirac in its current premises on 14 January 1994 as a French Language Centre. In January 1995, it became a financially independent institution as a Cultural and Linguistic Cooperation Centre.

Through the creation of the Institut Français, the government wished to gather within one same agency the promotion of France external cultural action as regards artistic exchanges – performing arts, visual arts, architecture – , books, cinema, French language, knowledge and ideas diffusion. As such, it is developing a new program focused on scientific culture.

Part of the Institut Français worldwide network and branch of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs for France external action, the Institut français in Laos replaces the association Cultures France in the form of an EPIC (Établissement public à caractère industriel et commercial), with a bigger range and means of action. The Institut Français in Laos substitutes itself for Vientiane French Language Centre and Luang Prabang Lao-French Cultural Centre though it keeps the same structures, services and staff at the disposal of the public and the students.

The Institut Français continues welcoming foreign cultures in France through the organisation of seasons or festivals and cooperating with the southern countries, notably by administering the Fonds Sud cinema, a device supporting southern cinema, in partnership with the National Centre of Cinematography and the moving image. It develops a program of international residencies in France and abroad.

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