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Tours, workshops and activities for visitors

Pha Tad Ke is the first Botanical Garden in Laos, with a Limestone Habitat of 2 hectares showing an unique biodiversity and geology, an Ethno-botanic Garden, a Ginger Garden featuring over 100 different ginger species, the Arboretum containing over 200 species of tree found in the region, a Palm Garden with more than 30 species of palm, a Bamboo Garden, an Orchid Nursery showing over 260 species, an Organic & Educational Garden, and soon a Permaculture Demonstration Farm (will open in 2017).

Every day free activities can be enjoyed in the garden.

Opening Hours: 8 am-6 pm (Every day except Wednesday)
Access: 15 minutes, by boat, from Luang Prabang. The boat leaves every hour to the garden (from 9am to 4pm), and comes back to Luang Prabang every hour (from 10:30am to 5:30pm). The boat ride is included in your excursion ticket.
Admissions: Adult Excursion $25 (Child: $10)

Free Daily Activities

Orchid talk (11am and 3pm every day in the Public Nursery)
Bamboo handicraft workshop (10-11am and 2-3pm every day in the Baci Sala)
Herbal tea tasting (all day in the cafe, ask our hospitality staff)

One-Hour Workshops

  • Traditional Lao Bouquet Making/Baci
    Lao people use flowers in many different ceremonies and they all have their own symbolic meanings. Learn more about this rich heritage and create a small bouquet with banana leaves and local flowers.
  • Forest Foods
    Lao people rely on forest foods for a large part of their diet. On this enjoyable walk with one of our local experts you will learn about several fruits and herbs found at PTK. And who knows, you might even be lucky enough to have a taste!
  • Gardening in the Tropics
    Grow your tropical gardening skills with experts from PTK. Thisworkshop will cover the basics of gardening in the tropics. You will have the opportunity to learn how to choose and combine plants, as well as a variety of gardening methods and techniques.
  • Medicinal Plants
    Since very early times, plants have helped humans in maintaining their health. Join this workshop for an insight on the traditional healing systems of the different ethnic groups, especially the practices of the Hmong. Learn about the many plants used in Laos to treat all kinds of illnesses and ailments.

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