Traditional Art & Ethnology Center

Opened in 2006, proposing regular exhibitions

The Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre has been a private non-profit making museum devoted to the different ethnical groups in Laos.

Situated in a historical building, protected by UNESCO, the permanent exhibition that the museum offers to the public shows items of ethnic clothing, religious artefacts, working tools… Its intention is to increase understanding of the different ways of life and the traditions of different ethnical groups in Laos.

The Centre as well as TAEC Boutique in Ban Vat Sene on the main road offers certain items for sale, books, photos, and local handmade craftsmanship.

This permanent exhibition revolves around 4 main ethnic groups:

  • Akha : To show the diversity of ethnical groups
  • Hmong : To show their New Year festivities
  • Tai Lue : To show their cotton industry, from plantations to clothes
  • Khmu : To show their baskets and Back Strap Looms

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9h till 18h. The entrance fee is 25.000 kips for visitors, free for Laotians.


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