French Week

Les Rendez-vous de Vientiane

Les Rendez-vous de Vientiane will take place in Vientiane from November 25 to December 1, 2013 in Vientiane, capital of Laos.

Throughout the week, a different series of events will be organized to highlight the action of France in Laos, to promote the development of a business flow between our two countries and to promote the image and knowledge of Laos in France.

This is the first time a week of this kind is held in Laos, while this format already exists in the region ("The Day" in Thailand, "French Week" in Vietnam ...). The appointment of Vientiane mingle economic events, cultural, scientific and sports.

• Economic and Business Stream

One of the highlights of the week will be holding a large-Fair exhibition. For 3 days, it will allow French companies wishing to export their services or expertise to exhibit their products and expertise. As part of the fair, a pavilion for employment and study in France, led by Campus France, host and inform young Laotians.
Luang Prabang companies can participate in this exhibition, Share us your registration

Also in the field of business, is organizing a seminar on the theme "Investing in Laos," to present to potential investors opportunities and Laotian environment. A series of roundtables and professional meetings also allow entrepreneurs already in Laos share their experiences.

• Cultural and Scientific Stream

In addition to the concert of a French renowned artist, a classical piano, evenings of modern dance and hip-hop (French troops, Laos and the region), a fashion show and a combined event mixing street theater and puppets will be presented by the French Institute in Laos. A journey of taste will be held in association with the French restaurant that offer tasting menus at a single price.

An international scientific symposium on "Emerging City in South East Asia: planning, land and regulation" day meeting of scientists, experts, policy makers and French, Laotian and the sub-region operators. An entrepreneurial day intervene in the wake of this conference.

Finally, an international petanque tournament, The Ambassador’s Cup will be held in Vientiane with the support of the French Federation of Petanque and his Laotian counterpart. The event is expected to attract a wide audience (France and Laos share an international level in this very popular sport in Laos).

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