Photography workshop

18-20 October 2013 in Luang Prabang

With Georges A. Bertrand

This promises to be an enlightening, engaging and unique workshop in UNESCO heritagelisted town, Luang Prabang. Most importantly is synchronized with Ork Pon Sa, the end of Buddhist Lent, when a very special evening festival occurs, a delight for photographers, travelers and locals alike.

Georges experience can open the enthusiasts’ eyes, and support their creative vision to achieve the most sensitive and personal photos. Georges primarily works in black and white film, however this workshop will suit anyone interested in photography, and is suitable for digital cameras. The location, Luang Prabang provides an enchanting stage for a visually creative few days. The workshop will be conducted in English and French.

Georges, will also open his exhibition, “Luang Prabang, A Gentle World” on 18th October at Artisans du Mekong to which all participants are invited.
The Photographer:
Georges is a photographer, art historian, writer, works within the incessant exchanges
between the cultures of Europe and Asia, in both time and space. Lately he is more
interested in the Hindu-Buddhist world, after lengthy study of the aesthetic links uniting the Muslim world with the Christian world. Travelling from Morocco to Indonesia, a photographer "of the dilution and concretion of time", according to one critic, Georges prefers to work within two categories of images:
architectural detail - the fragment of stone, metal, fabric, photographed in colours, and
people - photographed in black & white, either portraits, or characters, involuntary heroes
of stories imagined by the photographer and, consequently, then by the spectator. For
various aesthetic reasons, he continues to work with film. His main exhibitions have been themed along the aesthetic traces of Muslims in France, an essay of the population living in Gaza and Cairo seen from its roofs. His photos have been presented in numerous Museums, Libraries and Cultural Centres, in France and abroad, mainly in the Maghreb, Near and Middle East.
He has published several books as art historian and/or photographer. He is the author,
among others, of a panorama in two separate volumes of exchanges between Muslim
cultures and Christian cultures from a linguistic and aesthetic viewpoint.
Georges A. Bertrand, following the Belgian poet-calligrapher Christian Dotremont to whom
he has devoted an aesthetic wayfaring biography, loves working with other artists. So his penultimate work, entitled Le Bleu de mon regard ("The Blue of my eye"), is the result of a photographic collaboration in Cameroon with the writer Hervé Madaya, the work of one accompanying that of the other. And just out Cambodge, le Danseur de mémoires ("Cambodia, Dancer of memories"), a booklet dedicated to Cambodia. In this work of a French choreographer and a Belgian philologist accompany the images.
Georges next research will concentrate on the exchanges between Hindu-Buddhist art and Christian art, from the end of the Middle Ages to the start of the Renaissance, an occasion for new journeys.

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