Lao Coffee Festival in Champasak

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Lao Coffee Association Foundation (1994 – 2014) and also to celebrate the beginning of the coffee harvest season, Champasak organizes the 1st Lao Coffee Festival in Laos on the 24-26 October 2014.

The objectives are the promotion of the Lao coffee made in the Bolavens Plateau (encircling the soil of the three provinces: Champasak, Salavane and Sekong), to be known as a single protected production origin, and also to create an opportunity for Lao people and general public to better know the whereabouts of Lao Coffee. This festival will also set up a forum for dialogue and exchange of information on the world coffee market situation between the Lao and foreign coffee professional stakeholders, and will be a meeting point of coffee experts for exchange of information and experience on the coffee different development policies of Laos and other countries.

Lao Coffee was introduced by the French during the French protectorate in the 30’s because of the very specific climate and altitude there.

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